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I recently served as General Manager for two years at LA Artisan, a growing beverage CPG company. I audited and redeveloped the overall strategy for their flagship product, Grass Fed Coffee, resulting in a 50% decrease in operational costs and a 40% increase in brand exposure. Additionally, I managed logistics among our 3PL partner, sales team, and 4 major distributors. Later, I spearheaded Rad Rooster, a second brand set to launch this summer. I revamped the original shrink-sleeve concept and refined the voice of the brand. I frequently met with partners and contractors to complete our 6 SKUs, establish COGs, and build supplier lists, while simultaneously preparing analyses and launching strategies to present to our CEO. 

My background is in risk analysis (former insurance underwriter and manager), account management, product development, marketing, and web development. I am data-driven and have a keen eye for design. My strengths have mostly emerged in optimizing user-centered concepts and creating efficient operational processes and workflows with various systems and platforms. My most recent professional development studies included a full-stack web development immersive to challenge and enhance my problem-solving and logic skill sets. During this 12-week program, I built a game application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a fashion wholesale application using Ruby on Rails, a payment logging application using NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB, with Twilio integrated as a third-party API, and a policy management application in MERN stack. Understanding the structure and operation of a business in addition to the digital space can come with many challenges, but I have the skills needed to bridge the communication gap in the technical and non-technical teams. In 2014, I also established a passion project turned small business in product development and white-labeling for photo booth brands. We originally launched adopting the B2C model but now operate as B2B with brands across LA, SF, NYC, and PA.


My specialty and passions include working with but not limited to non-profits, technology start-ups, consumer packaged goods, and fashion brands.

Platforms & Skills: Microsoft Office, User Testing, Usability Testing, Trello, Git/GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, MERN Stack, Third Party APIs, PostSQL, SEO, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Photoshop, Lightroom, QuickBooks, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Support, Branding, Marketing, and E-Commerce

During my spare time, you will most likely find me hanging with my pup while woodworking, urban gardening, propagating NASA-recommended plants, and mastering the craft of ceramics. I also enjoy watching various sports games, reading/studying/working or listening to podcasts at a coffee or milk tea shop, attending local concerts, taco stand-hopping with my friends...or eating pizza...or fries...or sushi...or ramen...yum. 🌮 🍕 🍟 🍣 🍜

Podcast playlist & faves: Foundering, HBR IdeaCast, NPR News Now, Robinhood Snacks Daily, Taste Radio, and Yang Speaks

Loretta Wang

Loretta Wang

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