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Loretta Wang

Loretta Wang

Prior to the retail distribution in natural chains, I focused on the creative direction and marketing channels on the consumer side. In addition to supervising day-to-day operations for Grass Fed Coffee, I led the implementation of a new funnel and marketing campaign that generated an additional $5-$10K revenue per month. Once distribution was established within 100+ retailers and c-stores, I took the lead to assess P&L analyses and prepared projections to forecast inventory needs, shipment allocations, and distribution


Attended trade shows and provided knowledge and positive experiences to buyers to make a lasting impression of the brand in the marketplace. Networked, connected and maintained relationships with East Coast and West Coast buyers; prepare emails, look books, marketing material, presentations, estimates, and bids as necessary to meet specific buyer needs


Connect Four (Simpsons-themed!) is a game application and was the first project I built during my full-stack immersive program. This application was built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within a 3-day sprint


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Policy Manager (BETA) is an application concept I created for small business owners to consolidate the management of important information regarding their business like insurance policies. Policy Manager (BETA) was built in React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Mongoose within a 4-day sprint

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User Stories on Flash Seats' mobile product. This presentation was created as a quick, personal project to help improve on the application's features and UI design while using it to purchase tickets to a Clippers game

User Stories Presentation

Mobile Application

lw_flash seats_cover.png

A product development passion project turned small business into white-labeling for photo booth brands. Originally launched adopting the B2C model but now operated as B2B with brands across the East and West coast. We hosted our photo booth for Dick Van Dyke's charity event in 2014!


Launched and maintained new revenue-generating platforms for wholesale and retail markets with content management systems


Marketing and Design; email campaigns for a client's Spring and Summer collections. All designs were created in Adobe Photoshop


Lead the digital strategy and execution of short and long-term actionable plans to maximize ROI and drive awareness and traffic through new customer acquisition and conversions, as well as retaining and re-engaging existing customers


PayUp is an application that keeps track of family and/or friends that owe money and sends text messages as a friendly reminder. This application was build in Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Twilio integrated as a third-party API and was built within a 5-day sprint with two other team members

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Social Media content creation and management for @henrithedoggo. Slowly building his following to become insta-dog famous. Kidding, but not really kidding...


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Developed, tested, and implemented systems for long-term growth and scaling in 4 months; produced $50K+ monthly revenue


The branding design process life-cycle for Rad Rooster took a total of 10 months to complete. On a weekly basis, I visited grocery retailers for merchandising analyses and reviewed numerous brands to better understand how to maximize our product label space. Additionally, I did extensive research on the FDA rules and regulations required on RTD beverages to make sure the NFP would be in compliance once distribution began. Instead of hiring a CPG design agency, I utilized my network and contracted a friend to work with me and help bring my design concept to life. I improved the initial formulation by enhancing its flavor profile and efficacy with the help of our formulation partner. Six SKUs were set to be produced for the pilot run. Simultaneously, I started working on the brand's go-to-market strategy for Y1.


Linesheets is a B2B application for fashion wholesalers to display their merchandise collection digitally in a simple and clean gallery-like layout and was built using Ruby on Rails within a 5-day sprint


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Business Strategy and Operations Consultant for advising, and Project Manager for support in leading and implementing the Scope of Work. Deliverables pipeline included the creation and management of technical systems/processes, user guides and templates for fulfillment/production and operations, restructure of office and warehouse layout, e-commerce/CRM systems initiatives & implementation, new marketing initiatives & implementation 


5 Feature Improvements for Online "Mail" page during my initial phone interview. This assignment focused on the application's features, UX, and UI design

Features Presentation



Freelance Photography Portfolio 2011 to 2016. All photographs are edited with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop​​​​​

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*Additional projects and scope available upon request.

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