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I develop effective business growth opportunities in the following disciplinaries (yes, I truly enjoy wearing many hats):
+ Account/Project Management
+ Brand Identity & Messaging
+ Budgeting + P&L Analyses
+ Business Strategy & Development
+ Creative Direction
+ Data Analysis
+ Event Production & Management
+ Product Research, Development & Management
+ Sales & Omnichannel Marketing (Digital, Field, Experiential, Influencer)
+ Sponsorship Strategy & Management
+ UX/UI/Web Development
+ Vendor Management

I recently served as Manager, Operations & Business Strategy to audit and lead the entire re-brand, operations, marketing, and sales strategy for a flagship product. I managed a multi-disciplinary team and coordinated weekly status reports with our stakeholders. Concurrently, I spearheaded a second brand set to launch the following year. I was given the original concept to help refine the formulations and voice of the brand. I traveled often to meet with all our SME partners and developed the go-to-market strategy for Y1. Additionally, I did extensive research on the FDA rules and regulations required to ensure compliance. Instead of hiring a large design agency, I utilized my network and contracted a friend to work with us and help bring the product design concept to life. The R&D and design process life-cycle took a total of 10 months to finalize.

As a consultant, I have successfully optimized marketing, operations, and restructured sales strategies for numerous small businesses with up to $5M in annual revenue (project details and scopes available upon request!). I am a former insurance underwriter (7 years, baby) that is data-driven and has a keen eye for design. My most recent professional development study includes a Project Management program that was completed within a 2-month span. Additionally, I completed a Full-Stack Web Development Immersive program to challenge and enhance my problem-solving and logic skill sets. During this 12-week program, I built a game application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a fashion wholesale application using Ruby on Rails, a payment logging application using NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB, with Twilio integrated as a third-party API, and a policy management application in MERN stack. Understanding the structure and operation of a business in addition to the digital space can come with many challenges, but I have the skills needed to bridge the communication gap in the technical and non-technical teams. In 2014, I also established a passion project turned small business in product development and white-labeling for photo booth brands. We originally launched adopting the B2C model but now operate as B2B with brands across LA, SF, NYC, and PA.

Startups are my passion. I love working at the ground level and growing with a business. I understand the hustle and grind and am very comfortable taking extra responsibility and ownership to fill different needs as they arise. At the end of the day, I do everything necessary to help the company move forward, diving in to find solutions to problems and develop strategies for growth.

Skills & Knowledge: Microsoft Office, Trello, Jira, Asana, Basecamp, Git/GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, MERN Stack, Third Party APIs, PostSQL, Google Analytics, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, QuickBooks, Prototyping, Product Testing, Usability Testing, Wireframing, Product Research, A/B Testing, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Leadership & Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Support, Branding, Marketing, and E-Commerce

During my spare time, you will most likely find me hanging with my pup while woodworking, urban gardening, propagating NASA-recommended plants, mastering the craft of ceramics, as well as bartending. I also enjoy watching various sports games, reading/studying/working, listening to podcasts at a coffee or milk tea shop, attending local concerts, taco stand-hopping with my friends...or eating pizza...or fries...or sushi...or ramen...yum. 🌮 🍕 🍟 🍣 🍜

Podcast Playlist: Foundering, HBR IdeaCast, NPR News Now, Robinhood Snacks Daily, Taste Radio, and Yang Speaks

Book Club Reads: The Body Keeps the Score, Clarity & Connection, Crying in H Mart, and Start With Why

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